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Another Nonsensical Rambling(TM)!


I don't like you
I look at your face
and I want to hit it.
but the mirror can't speak
and my reflection
can't defend itself.


they say it hurts
but they come back for more.
it makes me wonder
if they like the abuse
or if they just have
nowhere better to go.


my lips are mint flavored
and my status is away
though I am really here.
the music is short and soothing,
it slides around and through me
like a warm liquid wind.


Fate ran off with Pain
and together they had Despair;
raised with Instability and disillusioned
with promises of Contentment and Hope,
Despair grew into the twisted being
that stands before you today.


the deeds have been done,
but not by you.
court is now in session,
so how do you plead- guilty;
or maybe criminally insane.
the innocent are charged with the crime.


playing with the fire isn't safe
and yet we do it anyway
just for the thrill of the danger.
I think some play with other's minds
for the thrill of watching them shatter
and then cut themselves on the shards.
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