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Yelling at the Tupperware...

I'm sick in my mind, I'm sick at heart, I'm sick physically...and all they want is the dishes done and the room clean. My earlier comment about people being easy to fool just demostrated itself. I was doing the dishes when my mum walked it. The dialouge is as follows:

Mum: **coming in to get a glass of tea** "I feel sunburned already..." ((refering to having been outside all morning))

Me: "......" "I'm sorry." **continues doing dishes**

M: **frowning slightly** "What's wrong with you today? Smile!"

".....I don't want to."

"Well why not?" **trying to be cheerful, failing**

"...." **shrugs** "I don't know."

"Are you feeling okay? You've been...down...lately."

"...I'm just tired." **not making eye contact, focusing on getting the washer started**

**shrugs, takes a drink from glass** "Alright." **walks out**
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